Le Synopsis = Le Sigh…

So I am nearly finished with the complete revisions of the first two chapters of Vessel of Dreams, as well as the cosmetic surgery of chapter three. I have promised both and myself that I will have this proposal out to Luna by the time of my birthday, which is on October 22nd. This is both exhilarating and downright scary. It will be my first professional submission and I have butterflies in my stomach already. I entered the Writers of the Future contest 2 or 3 times, but that wasn’t quite professional and I am (fortunately) _much_ better at writing novels than I am shorts. One would think I would be _less_ nervous submitting something that I am better at writing. No such luck–I have much higher expectations this time. And yet, having a firm basis in reality, I also fear the worst.

Don’t worry, I’m just talking myself through all this. I have every expectation of submitting the proposal by my birthday, and I _will_ do so. Come hell or high water. With that in mind, since it’s been really slow at work today I have been researching the oh-so-fun (tongue-in-cheek again) art of the synopsis. I have even jotted down several pages of notes regarding my book and started the first couple of paragraphs of the synopsis. It’s crap, I tell you! Pure, unadulterated crap! The websites I am referring to make it look so much easier than it actually _is_!

Okay, enough ranting. I have given myself permission to suck bat guano this first run through. The important thing is to get it _down_, let it sit, and then go over it with a clothespin and fine-tooth comb. Er, perhaps that should be big red pen instead of fine-tooth comb, but whatever. The point is that I am going to revise the synopsis until it is the best that I can achieve. I will then go over the first three chapters once more, polish them brightly, and send both along with a cover letter off to Luna. Then the _real_ fun begins–I get to finish revising the rest of VoD.

Oddly enough, I think having gone through this entire process of writing a synopsis will make those revisions easier. I have already seen several places in which I can improve the story. So–that’s a bonus!

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