Scene of the Scene…

I need to hike my lazy behind down to the Riverfront today and sit underneath the St. Louis Gateway Arch. I am re-writing the first 100 pages or so of Vessel of Dreams (i.e., the book I plan to submit to Luna shortly) and one of my first readers commented on the fact that she didn’t really get a sense of place in the first couple of chapters. The book is an urban fantasy and starts out in St. Louis before moving to the Boston/Salem, Massachusetts area. One of the new scenes I have come up with to remedy this problem requires that I hike from work to the Arch at lunch so I can get an authentic sense of what my character would be seeing and experiencing. I have decided not to trust vague, fuzzy memories. Anything for authenticity! 😉

So yes, I am still plugging away at these rewrites. I have made a tentative goal to submit to Luna by the time of my birthday, which is October 22nd. The great and wonderful mizkit_feed has helped motivate me to make that goal a reality. She encourages me to finish the rewrites, but if I can’t finish them by the 22nd to just go ahead and submit a partial to Luna. I think that’s an excellent idea and I know I can have the first 3 chapters polished to a sheen by then if nothing else. Though obviously I will work as hard as I can to make sure I finish the entire rewrite stage by then.

I am looking forward to taking my sandwich and banana down to the Riverfront and sitting on the grass, just soaking in the nice weather and the atmosphere. Taking in the scene of the scene, so to speak. And then, of course, putting that scene to paper and knocking down one of the few remaining extensive rewrites needed before going on to the more cosmetic revisions. It’s a good thing I feel so creative!


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